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Granta 1: New American Writing

The first issue of the new Granta collects work by some of the most accomplished American writers of the seventies – many published for the first time in Britain. Contributors include William Gass, Joyce Carol Oates, Donald Barthelme and Susan Sontag.

‘Is contemporary American writing more “challenging, diversified and adventurous” than our own domestic product? Are there powerful and original new writers in America to whom we philistinely refuse to attend even when they managed to get published here? Granta gives the British reader the evidence.’
David Lodge, the Guardian

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In this issue

William Warner: Interview with Theodore Solotaroff
John Hawkes: The Universal Fears
William Gass: The First Winter of my Married Life
Joyce Carol Oates: from Son of the Morning
Tony Tanner: Present Imperfect: Note on Walter Abish
Marc Granetz: Chuckle or Gasp: a note on the work of Leonard Michaels
Norman Bryson: Orgy...: A Note on the Work of James Purdy
Leonard Michaels: The Men’s Club
James Purdy: Summer Tidings
Tillie Olsen: Requa-I
Donald Barthelme: The New Music
D. D. Guttenplan: The Wor(l)ds of William Gass
Jonathan Levi: John Cheever in the Bourgeois Tradition
John Dugdale: Updike’s Nabokov
Stanley Elkin: from The Franchiser
Ronald Sukenick: from Long Talking Bad Condition Blues
Susan Sontag: Unguided Tour
Henry Davis: A Plug for Bukowski