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Granta 101

Granta 101 features incisive reportage and investigative journalism alongside fiction and a photo essay from the Arctic by Gautier Deblonde. Andrew Hussey reports from the troubled Parisian suburbs; Tim Lott explores the brutal murder of his agent; Xan Rice travels to Angola in search of a missing father and son; Owen Sheers explores the legacy of British H-bomb tests in the Pacific. Plus a new opening section, short stories from Annie Proulx, Rick Moody and Joshua Ferris, a new column by Douglas Coupland and poetry from Robin Robertson.

In this issue

Ruth Franklin: First Person
Douglas Coupland: Visual Thinking
Louise Dean: Witness
Akash Kapur: Letter From
Robin Robertson: Album
Hilary Mantel: Subject + Object
Andrew Hussey: The Paris Intifada
Rick Moody: Videos of the Dead
Robert Macfarlane: Blitzed Beijing
Tim Lott: The Judgement of Lut
Annie Proulx: Family Man
Gautier Deblonde: The Arctic
Lavinia Greenlaw: The Arctic (essay)
Xan Rice: The Aviators
Joshua Ferris: More Afraid of You
Owen Sheers: Bomb Gone
Janice Galloway: This is Not About Me

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Video: Akash Kapur returns to Pondicherry’s disappearing beach

Interview: Tim Lott discusses ‘The Judgement of Lut’ with Helen Gordon

Photography: A slideshow of Nick Danziger’s photographs from inside the troubled Paris banlieue

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