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Granta 105: Lost and Found

For the new issue of Granta, ‘Lost and Found’, we charged ourselves with collecting together a series of pieces that reflect the flux that characterizes our world at all times – but which we perhaps feel particularly keenly at the moment, when change seems both vertiginous and difficult to define. The writers in Granta 105 deal with a wide range of topics – from the vast historical fallout of the Spanish Civil War to the irrevocable trauma that follows the disappearance of a child, from the decline of the Irish priesthood to the rather less weighty matter of why pipe-smoking has all but died out – but all of them attempt to capture our feelings as we comprehend and come to terms with loss, and what comes after it. I very much hope you enjoy reading the results of their efforts as much as we enjoyed working with them.

Alex Clark


Students protesting during the hunger strike in Tiananmen Square, May 1989. The photograph was taken by Erica Lansner, and is published with Elizabeth Pisani’s ‘Chinese Whispers’ in Granta 105.

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Jeremy Treglown reports on the Spanish Civil War’s restless dead
Elizabeth Pisani searches for truth in Tiananmen Square, twenty years later
Bruce Connew makes art out of a censor’s pencil
Melanie McFadyean on the disappearance of Ben Needham
Maurice Walsh wonders where Ireland’s priests have gone
Don Paterson remembers his youthful indiscretions
Craig Taylor visits the phantom petrol stations lining Britain’s roads
Andrew Martin takes up smoking, old-style
Rick Gekoski is consumed by the lost lines of a genius

Fiction from A.L. Kennedy, Janet Frame and Altán Walker

Mimi Mollica photographs road-building across the sands of Senegal, and Elena Baglioni observes its effect on the people of Dakar

Plus poetry by John Burnside and Jan Morris goes sailing in Cardigan Bay

Selected highlights from Granta 105