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Granta 108: Chicago

In this issue

James Schuyler: ‘Coming Night’
Aleksandar Hemon: ‘If God Existed, He’d be a Solid Midfielder’
Neil Steinberg: ‘Driving with Ed McElroy’
Stuart Dybek: ‘Seiche’
Alek Kotlowitz: ‘Khalid’
Don Delillo: ‘Remembrance’
Nelson Algren: ‘The Lightless Room’
Elaine Showalter: ‘Saint Jane’
Wole Soyinka: ‘Chicago’s Great Expositor’
Tony D’Souza: ‘Mr Harris’
George Saunders: ‘The View from the South Side, 1970’
Bei Dao: ‘Once Upon a Time the Zhou Brothers’
Dinaw Mengestu: ‘Big Money’
Richard Powers: ‘Soaked’
Camilo José Vergara: ‘The Projects’
Maria Venegas: ‘Bulletproof Vest’
Rich Cohen: ‘Winter’
Sandra Cisneros: ‘An Ofrenda for my Mother’
Thom Jones: ‘Easter Island Noodles Almondine’
Anne Winters: ‘Knight with Lady’
Ben Ratliff: ‘Domp-Domp’
Peter Carey: ‘Parrot’

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Video: Granta acting editor John Freeman introduces the ‘Chicago’ issue

Video: Peter Carey discusses his new novel, Parrot and Olivier in America, an excerpt of which appears in Granta 108

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Roger Ebert on the rebirth of the Front Page era

Jeffrey Yang on translating Bei Dao

Ingo Schulze on eight encounters that shaped Chicago for him

Peter Orner on Chicago gangsters and family connections

Lawrence Joseph explores Chicago through politics, literature and law

Selected highlights from Granta 108