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Granta 122: Betrayal

Without love there can be no betrayal – love of a country, a brother, a wife, a platoon mate, a family. In this issue of Granta, Janine di Giovanni witnesses a nation, Syria, betraying its people; Karen Russell imagines a soldier inscribing the memory of a fellow soldier on his back; and Colin Robinson writes about ancient brotherly friction resurfacing in a game of paddleball. From the playgrounds of New York City to the alleyways of Damascus, here is the theatre of betrayal.

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Cover image ‘Alkama #44’ by Frédéric Fontenoy.

In the Issue

André Aciman Abingdon Square
John Burnside Postscript
Janine di Giovanni Seven Days in Syria
Mohsin Hamid Don’t Fall in Love
Samantha Harvey Flowers Appear on the Earth
Ben Marcus The Loyalty Protocol
Colin Robinson Paddleball
Karen Russell The New Veterans
Jennifer Vanderbes A Brief History of Fire
Callan Wink One More Last Stand


Lauren Wilkinson Safety Catch


Darcy Padilla Julie

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Online Edition

Introducing two unforgettable New Voices: Lillian Li and NoViolet Bulawayo.

On the Granta Podcast: Mohsin Hamid, Andre Aciman and Colin Robinson discuss their work in Betrayal and in the Granta Art Salon Michael Salu talks to contributors about the Ethics of Photojournalism.

Adam Foulds on Harold Pinter’s Betrayal.

Two part fiction by Lloyd Lynford based on the life of the violinist, Olga Rudge, who also the mistress of Ezra Pound.

Two poems by New Poet Eric Anderson and a dialogue with previous New Poet Sean Borodale.

Andrés Felipe Solano on his schizophrenic cousin’s love affair with heavy metal and whether there is a link between mental illness and music.

A new story by Brian Evenson about an ex who may never have existed.

James Lasdun on being cyber-stalked by a former student.

Happiness: a story by Andrés Neuman.

David McConnell on American honour killings.