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Granta 126: do you remember

From Yuri Kozyrev's Paradise lost

We are what we remember, and even when we invent, we write what we remember. Every line is a fragment of something else; that is the great collective project that we call culture. In this issue of Granta, writers remember, or invent, scenes from their own lives and the lives of others.

In the Issue

Ann Beattie The Indian Uprising
Fiona Benson Toboggan Run
Andrew Brown Off the Road
Bernard Cooper My Avant-Garde Education
Lydia Davis Spelling Problem
David Gates A Hand Reached Down to Guide Me
Aracelis Girmay Cooley High
Laura Kasischke The Common Cold
Olivia Laing The Magic Box
Colin McAdam Please Tim Tickle Lana
Lorrie Moore Thank You for Having Me
Norman Rush Nudity
Jonny Steinberg The Defeated
Marta Werner The Emily Dickinson Series
Edmund White American Vogue
Joy Williams Dangerous


Katherine Faw Morris A Killing


Brigitte Grignet The Damned and the Beautiful
Yuri Kozyrev Paradise Lost, with an introduction by Nathan Thornburgh


Janet Malcolm The Emily Dickinson Series

Issue published 24th January 2014

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Online Edition

Norman Rush and Colin McAdam exchange e-mails on primate instincts, bookshelves and the long shadows cast by guilt.

'Demeter', a new poem by Fiona Benson. Rachael Allen talks to the author about hysteria and anxiety in poetry.

T-shirts, loneliness and intimacy in Yiyun Li's 'Kinder Than Solitude'.

Emily Berry and the moods of the sea in her new poem 'Picnic'.

Edmund White remembers Paris in 'American Vogue'.

'Pyjamas', a new poem by Rodney Koeneke.

Jim Ruland reflects on the importance of first gigs in 'Teenage Wastelands'.

Bernard Cooper and David Gates exchange e-mails about Borges, music and the writer as helicopter parent.

'The More We Think About It', a new poem by Michael Earl Craig.

For our First Sentence series, Ann Beattie writes about how 'The Indian Uprising' had a beginning before its first words were allowed in.

Jonny Steinberg considers the legacy of apartheid in 'The Defeated'.

A taste for the uncanny and the Dickinson/Venus transit connections in Janet Malcolm's essay on 'The Emily Dickinson Series'.

Preparations are under way as death is guest of honour in Ben Janse's 'My Mother's Death Party'.

For the First Sentence series, Laura Kasischke talks us through the beginning lines of her poem ‘The first resurrection’.

Life lessons and wedding crashers in an extract of Lorrie Moore's 'Thank You for Having Me'.

Jesus, cats and broken hearts feature in 'Small Differences', a new story by Catherine Lacey, our most recent addition to the New Voices series. Louise Scothern talks to the author about failed connections.

In Daniel Gascón's 'Foreigners', an Erasmus student loses himself in Norwich, looking for W.G. Sebald.

A carnival of turtles, sisters and loss in 'After Ida', by Elise Winn.

Unicorns and teacher-nappings in Kevin Brockmeier's staging of his first school play, 'The Case of Missing Miss Vincent'.

'The first ressurection', a new poem by Laura Kasischke.

An excerpt of Olivia Laing’s essay ‘The Magic Box’.

'Car Concentrate', a new story from Etgar Keret.