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Granta 21: The Storyteller

Bruce Chatwin in the outback, Ryszard Kapuscinski carrying a coffin through the Polish ‘bush’, and John Berger defining the story-teller: detached, skeptical, and intensely compassionate. With stories from Richard Ford, Isabel Allende, Raymond Carver, and Oliver Sacks, and Primo Levi on weightlessness – one of the last pieces he wrote before his suicide.

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In this issue

John Berger: A Story For Aesop
Michael Ignatieff: An Interview With Bruce Chatwin
Bruce Chatwin: Dreamtime
Bill Buford: An Interview with Ryszard Kapuściński
Ryszard Kapuściński: Outline For A Book
Ryszard Kapuściński: Stiff
Richard Ford: Great Falls
Raymond Carver: Menudo
Patrick Süskind: A Battle
Isabel Allende: The Judge’s Wife
Oliver Sacks: Cold Storage
Jonathan Schell: Paradise
Václav Havel: Letters from Prison
Ian Jack: Finished with Engines
Primo Levi: Weightless