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Granta 52: Food: The Vital Stuff

Food as indulgence, certainly, but also food as a taboo, a cruelty, a desperate need, a failed sex aid, and a means of making a living. Including Graham Swift on the life and death of a butcher, J. M. Coetzee’s attempt at vegetarianism in Texas, Giles Foden at Idi Amin’s dinner table, and Sean French on the delights of Icelandic cuisine (including roast puffin and whale sushi). Plus: Georges Perec, Romesh Gunesekera, John Lanchester, Jane Rogers, Margaret Visser and Joan Smith.

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In this issue

The Butcher of Bermondsey: Graham Swift
J.M. Coetzee: Meat Country
Giles Foden: Idi’s Banquet
Joan Smith: People Eaters
Georges Perec: Attempt at an Inventory
Jane Rogers: Grateful
Norman Lewis: Aphrodisiacs I Have Known
Margaret Visser: The Sins of the Flesh
Charles Jones: A Mystery
Laura Shapiro: Do Women Like to Cook?
Chitrita Banerji: What Bengali Widows Cannot Eat
William Leith: Frozen Fish
Agnes Owens: Toffee
Romesh Gunesekera: Stringhoppers
Sean French: First Catch Your Puffin
Geoffrey Beattie: Men as Chickens
Amartya Sen: Nobody Need Starve
John Lanchester: The Gourmet
Andrew O’Hagen: How it Ends