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Granta 59: France: The Outsider

What has happened to France – the universal nation, the tutor of the good life, the place we visited to feel the kiss of a superior civilization? This issue presents fresh new voices from a country searching for a new idea of itself.

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In this issue

Michel Houellebecq: We are the Kings
Assia Djebar: A Sentence of Love
David Macey: Fort-de-France
Patrick Chamoiseau: The Rat
Caroline Lamarche: Night in the Afternoon
Luc Sante: Lingua Franca
Pierre Merle: Whooah . . . Pizza!
René Belletto: Agnés
Raymond Depardon: The Farm at Le Garet
Brian Cathcart: The Case of Stephen Lawrence
Ivan Klima: Don’t Forsake Me