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Granta 6: A Literature for Politics

This special, double issue of Granta is organized to fill a gap, a felt emptiness in current literary achievement. At a time when it is imperative that we have a literature and a language that are responsible, accountable and instrumental to the lives we are having to lead – a literature that is an adversary of oppression and not an accomplice to it – we have instead a writing that is remarkable only for its dubious feats of technical virtuosity, its relentless self-referentiality and its deliberate retreat from experience. Granta 6 is dedicated to a different set of possibilities – the possibilities of political engagement.

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In this issue

Daniel Kon: Interviews of the Boys of the War
Andrew Graham-Yooll: The Joys of Journalists and Dictators
Trevor Blackwell & Jeremy Seabrook: Mrs Thatcher’s Religious Pilgrimage
Boaz Evron: The Holocaust Reinterpreted
Jurek Becker: The Wall
Gregor von Rezzori: Memoirs of an Anti-Semite
Peter Weiss: The Aesthetics of Resistance
Milan Kundera: The Story of a Variation
Ariel Dorfman: How to Read the Comics
Uwe Johnson: An Unfathomable Ship
Nadine Gordimer: City of the Dead, City of the Living
Antonio Lobo Antunes: South of Nowhere