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Granta 70: Australia: The New New World

Australia is an improbable country. Fundamentally – naturally – nowhere else is like it. Superficially – suburbanly – it could be one stop further down a long extension of the London underground or the New York subway.

Is Australia a remote chunk of the northern, western world or a new part of Asia? Is it a new version of the USA with European manners (‘the new California’), or a second-hand version of Europe with American ones? How does it accommodate the fate of its original human inhabitants, or propose a decent future for them? Why is its head of state still the British queen? In Australia, two universal, modern problems are vividly posed. Who are we? What shall we become?

This special issue of Granta is devoted to Australia, as it was and is, in new fiction, reportage, memoir and photography.

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In this issue

Peter Conrad: The New World
Tim Winton: Aquifer
Robyn Davidson: Marrying Eddie
Peter Carey: True History of the Kelly Gang, First Part
Les Murray: The New Hieroglyphics
David Moore: Growing Up
Ben Rice: Pobby and Dingan
Howard Jacobson: The Weeping Pom
Paul Toohey: The Road to Ginger Riley’s
Polly Borland: Grog
Georgia Blain: The Germaine Tape
Frank Moorhouse: War Work
Kate Grenville: Mate
Murray Bail: Voyage South
Thomas Keneally: My Father’s Australia