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Granta 72: Overreachers

Why do we always want more? A new story by Richard Ford on what adultery gives, and takes away.
Why do we never give up? Ved Mehta falls in love (again) with the wrong woman.

When do we stop?

New fiction from Olga Tokarczuk, with a story on the hidden lives of hotel rooms, the first English translation of Poland’s most acclaimed young novelist.

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In this issue

Richard Ford: Overreachers
Olga Tokarczuk: The Hotel Capital
translated by Teresa Halikowska-Smith
Ved Mehta: Kiltykins
Aleksander Hemon: Pronek in History
Teun Voeten: Sierra Leone
Nik Cohn: But Richard Widmark
A. L. Kennedy: A Blow to the Head
Panos Karnezis: Whale
Joseph O'Neill: The Ascent of Man
Matt Condon: The Trout Opera
James Hamilton-Paterson: When I Was Lost
Robyn Davidson: Against Travel Writing