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Granta 73: Necessary Journeys

Travel is no longer a luxury and not always entertaining. Many journeys need to be made—to get home or away from an enemy, to work, to find a last resting place, or because someone has told you to go. This issue of Granta is about such journeys: you might call it necessary travel writing.

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In this issue

Ian McEwan: Dunkirk
Manuel Bauer: Yangdol’s Journey
Ian Jack: The 12.10 to Leeds
John Ryle: Burying the Emperor
Decca Aitkenhead: Lovely Girls, Very Cheap
James Campbell: I Heard It Through the Grapevine
Dayanita Singh: The Women’s Ashram
Simon Winchester: Diego Garcia
Ryszard Kapuscinski: The Lazy River
Isabel Hilton: The Lost City