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Granta 79: Celebrity

An issue devoted to the dubious rewards and strange effects of fame which successfully avoids mentioning Andy Warhol. Contributors include Kyle Stone on Hillary Clinton, Fintan O’Toole on the Queen, Jason Cowley on Hitler’s Jewish doctor, Andrew Martin on the rollercoaster champion of the world, Riccardo Orizio on Bokassa, the cannibal emperor, Dragisa Blanusa, Milosevic’s jailer, and new fiction by Andrew O’Hagan and Zoë Heller. Plus a picture essay by Tom Stoddart on The Miracle Boy, the evangelist who claims he can cure Aids, and how Miss Farrer, Mrs Ray and a dozen other unfamous people met their heroes (including Robbie Williams and Elton John).

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In this issue

Andrew O’Hagan: You, The Viewers at Home
Kyle Stone: Neighbours
Fintan O’Toole: Jubilee
Geoff Dyer: Hotel Oblivion
Michael Collins: I’ve Always Been a Fan
Zoë Heller: What Sheba Did Wrong
Andrew Martin: The Rollercoaster Champion of the World
Riccardo Orizio: Dear Tyrant
Tom Stoddart: The Miracle Boy
Jason Cowley: The Search for Dr. Bloch
Dragisa Blanusa: Milosevic in Prison