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Granta 91: Wish You Were Here

This issue includes Simon Gray in Barbados, rocking in his pram, smoking, remembering Alan Bates; Saïd Sayrafiezadeh on his father’s irritating dreams of human perfection; Ismail Kadaré at the Great Wall of China (and Life); plus bulletins on our changing climate.

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In this issue

Ian Jack: Motley Notes
Simon Gray: Wish You Were Here
Saïd Sayrafiezadeh: When Skateboards Will Be Free
Karen E. Bender: The Visiting Child
Robin Grierson: Family Pictures
Simon Garfield: The Error World
Ismail Kadaré: The Great Wall
Geoff Dyer: White Sands
Frederick Tuten: The Ship at Anchor

Plus: The Weather Where We Are
Margaret Atwood, John Borneman, Urvashi Butalia, James Hamilton-Paterson, Maarten ’t Hart, Thomas Keneally, James Lasdun, Javier Reverte and Rodrigo Rey Rosa