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Granta 93: God’s Own Countries

God still has friends on earth and sometimes (in Texas, Istanbul, Tehran) they and He seem more powerful than ever. It wasn’t supposed to be like this: in the later years of the twentieth century, the secular world imagined that religious belief was everywhere in retreat. God was dying, reason and science had won. Now we’re not so sure.

This Granta explores the varieties of religious belief and their personal, social and political effects, in fiction and non-fiction.

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In this issue

Ian Jack Introduction
Wendell Steavenson A Prisoner of the Holy War
Andrew Brown In the Clearing
John McGahern God and Me
Nadeem Aslam God and Me
Gary Shteyngart Planet of the Yids
A. L. Kennedy God and Me
Jackie Kay The Lord in his Wisdom
Pankaj Mishra God and Me
Maureen Freely A Conversation with Orhan Pamuk
David Graham Acts of God
Kees Beekmans Tales Out of School
Diana Athill God and Me
Blake Morrison God and Me
John Borneman Kiss Daddy!
Richard Mabey God and Me
Kamran Nazeer Cruising
Andrew Martin God and Me
Lucretia Stewart God and Me
Alison Smith Jesus Who?
Nell Freudenberger God and Me
Karen Russell St Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves
Simon Gray God and Me