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Granta 96: War Zones

War will never be a thing of the past. We only hope so. The slaughter of 1914–18 was not, after all, ‘the war to end all wars’ and who now believes that the invasion of Iraq was the first step to peace in the Middle East? Wars change their nature, but states and people continue to pursue the ancient aims of conquest, security, justice and revenge.

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In this issue

Ian Jack: Introduction
John Burnside: The Limeroom
Wendell Steavenson: Victory in Lebanon
Tahmima Anam: The Courthouse
Marione Ingram: Operation Gomorrah
Simon Norfolk: Military Landscapes
David Peace: Tokyo Year Zero
Elif Shafak: The Bastard of Istanbul
James Buchan: Trident
Guy Tillim: Congo
Mark Slouka: The Little Museum of Memory
Brian Thompson: Thank God We’ve Got a Navy
A. M. Homes: Like an Episode of L.A. Law