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  1. Is there more information available on your website about Alarcón?

  2. I wish Granta was around the doctor's waiting room and not Entertainment Weekly. Your publication takes the time to understand an author as an author, not an author from an interviewer's perspective, and it shows.

  3. On Harabella
    1/10/2011 18:4
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    Granta- Thanks again for publishing content from the rest of the world. It's your greatest strength. I hope we hear more from Mboob.

  4. @James- Yes, the location of Chicago bookshops is overly-specific for an English publication, but clearly there are American readers of both the print and the online material. By crossing the Atlantic, the website IS trying to reach a broader audience. Obviously.

  5. On Granta: Pakistan
    1/10/2011 17:58
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    'Pakistan' was one of the most unexpected themes I've seem from the editorial team. Kudos for both shaking things up and succeeding.

  6. Thanks for another cross-over. It makes the website vital for any Granta reader and valuable for everyone else.

  7. On Essex Clay
    1/10/2011 17:56
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    I wasn't where this piece would go-- an English working-man's tale in the 'Work' issue-- but I was pleasantly surprised to watch the story expand into a memoir of the transference of the idea of work between generations. An excellent father figure, and an excellent author able to visualize each aspect of the story from two ends of the spectrum.

  8. On New Voices
    31/9/2011 19:4
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    The pace of this story is incredibly strong-- the setting is described so lushly and languidly that the reader is lulled to island time until BAM! the enemy arrives. Well done.

  9. On Moving Parts: Shahid
    31/9/2011 18:46
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    Dear Granta online editor- I love when you include multimedia supplements to the already great written content of your site. Sincerely, -loyal reader.

  10. On Doctor, Doctor
    31/9/2011 18:43
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    A great story for anyone who's ever found themselves in a foreign land, and an even more foreign medical system. This piece reminded me of my time in Ghana, when we were asked to include our religion upon registration, and then found out (after an hour of waiting) that the doctor we were waiting for was at Sunday mass the whole time and probably wouldn't be in for a few more hours. Thanks for highlighting a rare side of travel writing-- the humor inherent in a bureaucratic headache.

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