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Anshuman Singh

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  1. On Halcyon Song
    6/4/2012 11:31
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    Awaiting similar competition on India. Awaiting one more edition on India - India of second decade into 21st century

  2. On Downton Delirium
    3/4/2012 7:15
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    Longing for the days gone by is somehow pregnant with pleasant thoughts, shiny days waving at us, fragrant evenings in the backyard with the warm cup of tea against the heaving chests... and they heave with expanse of belongingness.

  3. On Dutch Landscapes
    14/3/2012 17:33
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    Interesting read. However, I tried to see one of the above mentioned places on Google Maps and what I see is, at least in case of "Frederikkazerne, The Hague", the RHS of the satellite view shown blurred here is not so on

    Is the Dutch clutch getting released on the public view of its landscapes and buildings?

  4. On Fleeing Complexity
    5/3/2012 18:40
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    Can one person make multiple entries? I guess that's quite asking for too much but hope seems to lighten up!

  5. On Kidnapped
    25/2/2012 19:58
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    A good man in Taimur! A streak for vengeance, implanted by the extremist forces,lives within him... but it does not contort him into a dark figure perpetrating violence further... rather he lives on with an unexplained hope. Seemingly, he does not have a place to plead justice.

    What if he went on to kill his son's snatchers? May be some other Taimur is out there to render his justice.

  6. Leaves me reconstructing my 2 month long travel across the border areas of Gujarat-Rajasthan and interactions with migrant construction workers in Ambaji, Himmatnagar and many more small towns dotting that irritatingly dry stretch of land on the Indian map.

  7. On Fleeing Complexity
    18/2/2012 15:19
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    Makes me put my lazy brain to work sincerely and let my imagination loosen up.

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