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  1. On Farah on Farah
    7/7/2012 18:16
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    When you think about the dreadful state of athletes, courts, conduct, sponsorship, etc. that cripples the aspirations of these athletes, you start asking yourself what comes first, nationality or sport. Of course sport is gendered and political in ever sense. I personally disagree with Farah's choice of flags (none for the sake of sports), but he surely has his reasons. On the other hand, let us not forget that these Olympics brought participation from women from every delegate. Also, the Lybian delegate carried its post-Gaddafi flag for the first time in an event of such scale. Last but but not least, and in line with froufoxy (see above), it seems that the colonial machine is still very much alive and the ease at which immigrant sportsmen get their share of the "white dream" compared to thousands of rejects is one solid proof. Athletes brought from the far away lands quench the thirst of those longing for a long gone "greatness" that bases itself on hypocrisy and double standards.

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