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  • 27 January 2010

Granta 109 launching in the US: Events


For newcomers, fans and anyone else that’s stateside...

We hope you can join us at some of the following events:

When? Tuesday February 2 at 7pm
Where? At the Modern Times Bookshop, San Francisco, CA
What? John Freeman will host a panel discussion with Yiyun Li and Daniel Alarcón. You can read Daniel Alarcón’s latest Granta piece, on the thriving book piracy trade in Peru, here

When? Wednesday February 3 at 7pm
Where? Book Passage, San Francisco, CA
What? As above - editor John Freeman will speak to Yiyun Li and Daniel Alarcón about work and their varying experiences of it

When? Thursday February 4 at 7pm
Where? McNally Jackson Bookstore, New York, NY
What? Granta’s Patrick Ryan will speak to Colum McCann about his father’s trade, the newspaper business

If you’re in the area and you like good writing, there’s no better place to be...

Click here to read Granta 109 online.

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  1. MsTran

    Thu Jan 28 08:26:08 GMT 2010

    This comment has been removed by the moderators.

  2. Spectrum

    Sun Jan 31 00:56:22 GMT 2010

    What exactly is being launched?
    All I can think of is launching of issue 109 or is it something else? If you have launching event in Saint Louis, MO I plan to attend.