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Granta’s ‘Chicago’ Issue


Granta’s forthcoming issue, Granta 108: ‘Chicago’ will be published on September 22. In this video, Granta acting editor John Freeman introduces the issue, celebrating the city of Chicago, a cultural and artistic hub and home to some of the world’s greatest writers and thinkers.

See the cover of the ‘Chicago’ issue, designed by Chris Ware

Read advance praise for the ‘Chicago’ issue

Celebrate ‘Chicago’ with Granta

Comments (34)

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  1. Korian

    Tue Sep 01 22:39:25 BST 2009

    Sounds like a superb issue.
    Counting the days.

  2. Richard Sheehan

    Thu Sep 03 20:18:44 BST 2009

    Sounds an interesting issue. Love the cover!

  3. lynnt

    Fri Sep 04 16:00:47 BST 2009

    I have drifted away from Granta and this Chicago issue will bring me back to your stellar publication. Thank you.

  4. Little Fluff

    Mon Sep 21 02:33:55 BST 2009

    The consistent quality of the writing in this issue make it a winner. If it were an album then the editors have a hit on their hands and it will go straight to Number 1 'with a bullet'.

  5. George K

    Sat Nov 21 03:05:03 GMT 2009

    As a native Chicagoan and southsider now moved west to Oregon, and as a late blooming aspiring writer with a novel in progress set in Chicago, I look forward to reading this issue. (In my college years I feasted on James T. Farrell: I was homesick. Perhaps this collection will do much to keep my lovers' quarrel with the city alive.)

  6. Derek

    Thu Nov 26 18:20:23 GMT 2009

    My daughter bought my subscription last Christmas.
    I usually don't read every story in each edition I get.
    I did read all the stories in this one and it was really enjoyable.
    Also the cover is stunning.

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