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Video: New Voices Event


A crowd of Granta readers braved the icy streets of downtown Manhattan last Tuesday evening, for Granta’s first-ever New Voices evening at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble. The reading featured one of Granta’s most celebrated authors, Jayne Anne Phillips, alongside two young writers from the MFA program at Rutgers-Newark. American editor John Freeman opened the evening with a smile. ‘Rutgers in the house!’ he declared, and the New Jersey contingent cheered.

The reading opened as Erin McMillan read from her short story, ‘Crossing Cut Creek’. The story follows an eleven-year-old narrator as she obsessively catalogues the world, struggling to comprehend her mother’s problems. Read an interview with McMillan here.

Next, Evan James Roskos read his short story, ‘Conspiracy of Males’. The New Jersey native turned his young protagonist’s insecurities into a vicious chorus. Read an interview with Roskos here, and watch his ‘Conspiracy of Males’ video below.

Jayne Anne Phillips read from her most recent novel, Lark & Termite, an excerpt of which appeared in Granta 82.

John Freeman joined the writers on stage for a conversation about creative writing MFAs and individual process. Phillips now helms the MFA Program at Rutgers-Newark, the State University of New Jersey. She handpicked both McMillan and Roskos for Rutgers, and smiled like a proud mother as her two young protégées fielded questions about the MFA experience. Granta will continue its New Voices feature when is relaunched later this month. To read all the New Voices stories, click here.

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