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Paul Auster's 'Invisible'


Granta 106, the New Fiction Special, includes ‘Invisible’, an extract from Paul Auster’s novel of the same name, recently published by Faber in the UK and Frances Coady in the US. Auster is an internationally acclaimed author of more than twenty books of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. He is also a frequent Granta contributor – ‘Invisible’ marks the eighth appearance of his work in the magazine.

Joanna Briscoe lauded Invisible’s ‘intensely felt authenticity’ in the Guardian, calling it ‘a fascinating and highly accomplished’ work. In the New York Times, Clancy Martin wrote that Auster’s prose is ‘contemporary American writing at its best: crisp, elegant, brisk, [with] the illusion of effortlessness that comes only with fierce discipline... [If] part of why you read is the great pleasure of falling in love with a novel, then read Invisible.’

In May, Auster spoke about Invisible with Granta Editor John Freeman. In this exclusive video interview, Auster addresses the emotional intimacy and intertextual exercises of his fiction, the ‘intensity of youth’, the unsettling quality of narrative clarity and his writing process.

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