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The Day Etta Died


The Day Etta Died

I was marking a stack of essays
on Frank O’Hara

and each had a Wiki-
paragraph to say

who Genet was, and who
was Billie Holliday

  • just as this poem stumbles to its end, predictably
    remembering the cold December night

I slow-danced with Annabelle Gray to ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’
at the Catholic Club Xmas Party,

trees lit with frost outside and cherry-coloured
street lamps round the playground at Our Lady’s,

and here and there, on windows bleared with soot
our blurred reflections, sightless in the glass

yet guiding each other, soundlessly, into the sway
of the future, almost swooning from the close

proximity of skin
and muddled breathing.

John Burnside will also be featured in the forthcoming Britain issue, out on 10 May.

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  1. Susan Franks

    Mon Oct 14 06:14:21 BST 2013

    Best poem written in her memory some one really remember her.

  2. mathiasQuin

    Fri Mar 14 07:25:48 GMT 2014

    Daniel, yea I can see what you probably did there. i seriously favored that half, but hehe I am not that harsh like my father with these things. He at all times tells me loopy stories back within the day and calls me a loser. i suppose it's time I move out of my mother and father' basement LOL. Anyways, what about you? what does your dad suppose xD"

  3. cinta

    Thu Apr 17 02:42:15 BST 2014

    Keep up the good work, the article is very interesting and I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts. And I will for sure visit this site regularly

  4. jensto

    Thu Jan 16 08:59:54 GMT 2014

    This will remain for sure a sad day, at least for me!

  5. finito

    Fri Jan 17 13:14:36 GMT 2014

    Great job with wedding speech: